Private Detectives


Your Group of Private Detectives and Investigators

We are a group of private detectives and ex-police agents operating worldwide, mostly in Europe and America.

Our affiliated agents have many years of experience and are members of professional detective associations.

If you have a business or private problem contact us by email without obligation, one of our agents will advise you discretely.

We will analyze your case and propose the best solution, considering maximum effectiveness for minimal fees and absolute discretion.

Local and international investigations
Fraud Investigations
Forensic Services
Undercover Investigations
Criminal Defence
Due Diligence
Cyber Crime
Monitoring people
Asset tracing
Infidelity investigation
Child custody case
Missing persons
Background checks
Employment screening
Attorney support
Insurance fraud investigations
Criminal investigations
Family law investigations

Investigations in Andorra

Andorra, officially the Principality of Andorra in Catalan, Principat d’Andorra, is a sovereign micro-state in the south-west of Europe, constituted as an independent, democratic, and social State, 4 whose form of government is the co-principal parliamentarian.4 Its territory It is organized in seven parishes, with a total population of 76,177 inhabitants. Its capital is Andorra la Vieja. It has 468 km² of territorial extension and is located in the Pyrenees, between Spain and France, with an average altitude of 1996 masl. It limits on the south with Spain with the Catalan regions of Cerdanya, Alto Urgel and Pallars Sobirá and on the north with France with the departments of Ariège and Pyrenees Orientales Occitania.