Private Detectives


Your Group of Private Detectives and Investigators

We are a group of private detectives and ex-police agents operating worldwide, mostly in Europe and America.

Our affiliated agents have many years of experience and are members of professional detective associations.

If you have a business or private problem contact us by email without obligation, one of our agents will advise you discretely.

We will analyze your case and propose the best solution, considering maximum effectiveness for minimal fees and absolute discretion.

Local and international investigations
Fraud Investigations<br />
Forensic Services<br />
Undercover Investigations
Criminal Defence
Due Diligence
Cyber Crime
Monitoring people
Asset tracing
Infidelity investigation
Child custody case
Missing persons
Background checks
Employment screening
Attorney support
Insurance fraud investigations
Criminal investigations
Family law investigations

Investigations in Panama

Its official name is Republic of Panama and its capital is the City of Panama. It limits to the north with the Caribbean Sea, to the south with the Pacific Ocean, to the east with Colombia and to the west with Costa Rica. Politically, its territory is constituted by 10 provinces and five indigenous regions. Spanish is the official language of the country. Because of its geographical position, it currently offers the world a wide platform of maritime, commercial, real estate and financial services, including the Free Zone. of Colon, the largest free zone in the continent and the second in the world.