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We are a group composed of Detectives Privados y Ex-Policía that we operate in Latin America, USA, Europe. To our extensive experience, we must add a vast network of contacts and the resources derived from belonging to the most important International research associations.

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Investigations in El Salvador

Salvador is a sovereign country of Central America located on the Pacific Ocean coast. Its climate is warm tropical but due to the geographical contrast the climate can vary. El Salvador borders Guatemala to the west and Honduras to the north and east, to the southeast the Gulf of Fonseca separates it from Nicaragua, and flanked to the south by the Pacific Ocean. Its territory is organized in 14 departments, The city of San Salvador is the capital of the country, The country is in the belt of fire, and its volcanic territory is very active.

A 12-year civil war, whose human cost reached approximately 75,000 lives, ended on January 16, 1992, when the government and the guerrillas signed the peace agreements that led to military, social and political reforms.

We are your trusted private detectives in El Salvador and we offer our services in San Salvador, Santa Ana and Soyapango.