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We are a group composed of Detectives Privados y Ex-Policía that we operate in Latin America, USA, Europe. To our extensive experience, we must add a vast network of contacts and the resources derived from belonging to the most important International research associations.

If you have a problem, contact us, one of our associated will contact you.

We will analyze your case and suggest the best solution, always using the parameters of maximum effectiveness and discretion at minimum cost.

Investigations in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is an American country located in the Central American isthmus. Its capital is managuas. Nicaragua is composed of 15 departments and 2 regions, limits to the north with Honduras, to the south with Costa Rica, to the west with the Pacific Ocean and to the east with the Caribbean Sea, the Nicaraguan people are multiethnic in nature and Spanish is the official language Although the languages of native indigenous peoples such as Creole English, Miskito, Sumo or Somio, Garifunao Rama are also recognized, the main attractions in Nicaragua for tourists are the beaches, scenic routes, the architecture of cities such as Granada En The North zone is the Route of the Coffee of Matagalpa, Jinotega, Estelí and Madriz.

We are your trusted detectives in Nicaragua and we offer our services in Managuas, León, Masaya, Chinandega, Matagalpa, Jinotea, Estelí and Granada.