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We are a group composed of Detectives Privados y Ex-Policía that we operate in Latin America, USA, Europe, Africa and Asia. To our extensive experience, we must add a vast network of contacts and the resources derived from belonging to the most important International research associations.

If you have a problem, contact us, one of our associated will contact you.

We will analyze your case and suggest the best solution, always using the parameters of maximum effectiveness and discretion at minimum cost.

We are your trusted private detectives and professional investigators in Belarus, Minsk and other cities

We provide:

Local and international investigations
Fraud Investigations
Forensic Services
Undercover Investigations
Criminal Defence
Due Diligence
Cyber Crime
Monitoring people
Asset tracing
Infidelity investigation
Child custody case
Missing persons
Background checks
Employment screening
Attorney support
Insurance fraud investigations
Criminal investigations
Family law investigations

Investigations in Belarus

officially Republic of Belarus, is a sovereign landlocked country located in Eastern Europe that was part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) until 1991. It limits to the north with Lithuania and Latvia, to the east with the Russian Federation, to the south with Ukraine and to the west with Poland. The capital is Minsk. The majority of the population of Belarus, almost 10 million inhabitants, live in the urban areas around Minsk or in the capitals of the other provinces.8 More than 80% of the population are native Belarusians, and the rest are made up of minorities of Russians , Poles and Ukrainians.